תהנה מאתר הסרט המיוחד שלנו על ידי ארנולד שמרלינג INTL צלם

מסירותו של עמיר פליישמן ליום ההולדת ה -70 למדינת ישראל


Amir Fleischman, founder and managing director of Cicom Global, is an international trainer and consultant for marketing and competitive intelligence. Having worked with Amir for several years this project is quite unique. Amir approached us to produce this film, which is his way of expressing his love for Israel and her achievements.

Amir Fleischman's dedication to Israel's 70th Birthday Le dévouement d'Amir Fleischman pour le 70e anniversaire d'Israël הקדשתו של אמיר פליישמן ליום הולדתו ה -70 של ישראל
Yacht moored at Tel Aviv coast

We partly filmed this project in collaboration with others and edited this short film to focus on Israel’s amazing development and Amir’s personal quest in promoting Israel. Essentially at every convention he lectures at, he his representing both Cicom Global and Israel.

I have worked with Arnold on a number of projects in recent years. He is a great videographer, director and editor, not to mention his professionalism, customer orientation and above all – great personality. His dedication to my needs was absolutely outstanding and I recommend him with all my heart.

Amir Fleischman, managing director of Cicom Global