תהנה מאתר הסרט המיוחד שלנו על ידי ארנולד שמרלינג INTL צלם

קטגוריה ארכיון:חֶברָה

נוי ומייקל

Noy and Michael chose us to photograph and film their wedding after seeing us first hand in action. They had a country style wedding.

קים וגדעון

Kim and Gedeon travelled to Israel to be married with family and friends from Australia. Their Rabbi also made a special trip to officiate their wedding.

ג’וליטה וערן

Julieyeta and Eran are a very social couple who know how to party. Locations include Ahuzat Sarah, Mazkeret Batya and Ganei Rimonim.

Cicom מצגת מלון הילטון

Amir Fleischman, founder and managing director of Cicom Global, is an international trainer and consultant for marketing and competitive intelligence.