תהנה מאתר הסרט המיוחד שלנו על ידי ארנולד שמרלינג INTL צלם

דנה ומיכאל


The wedding of Dana & Michael took place in Shoresh, Israel. Shoresh is a moshav shitufi in central Israel having glorious views of the Jerusalem hills. We commenced photographing Dana's finishing touches in the adjacent hotel to Shoresh Gardens where the Chuppah and Reception took place. It was a perfect backdrop for family portraits prior to the Kabbalat Panim as sunset approached.

The Wedding Trailer Video of Dana + Michael by Arnold Szmerling INTL Photographer

It was Dana and Michaels request to have some bridal portaits taken in the Old City of Jerusalem and The Kotel.






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Dana and Michael - Australia + United Kingdom (Now Israel)