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Ilay’s Bar Mitzvah


I was introduced to Yoni Feinstein, Ilay’s father, who provided business advice through MATI in Rishon Lezion. It was an honour and pleasure to become acquainted with the Feinstein family and provide our photography services.

Ilay was called to the Torah at Chabad Gedera. The synagogue has a very warm atmosphere and the rabbi is very welcoming.

Following Ilay’s Torah reading we all proceeded to the Feinstein’s home for some quality family time and portraits.

I would like to highly recommend Mr Arnold Szmerling Photographer.
Arnold made our experience unforgetable with the moments he professionally and successfully managed to capture making them more vivid.
His approach, his professionalism and perfectionism to every and each detail made the process and the final result remarkable.
Arnold and his team guided us in the synagogue in a more intimate atmosphere and with his special charm and kindness created this moment as it was our natural family day.
If you want your event to be remembered in a special way then Arnold should be your choice.

Revital Feinstein